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Kaley Cuoco is featured in “People” magazine’s annual “Beautiful Issue” for 2024! The photoshoot was done at her ranch, Big Bay City, and the interview talks about the ranch, her love of animals, and the new chapter in her life. I have updated the photo gallery with 7 HQ scans from the magazine.

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May 19, 2024 Jennifer

Kaley Cuoco reunited with her co-stars from Based on a True Story at the NBCU FYC event in Los Angeles earlier today! I have updated the photo gallery with 7 HQ photos of Kaley Cuoco from the red carpet and panel.

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Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web

May 18, 2024 Jennifer

I have updated the photo gallery with 2,650 high definition screen captures of Kaley Cuoco from her most recent movie, Role Play, which was released on Amazon Prime in January 2024.

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Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web
Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web Kaley Cuoco Web

May 5, 2024 Jennifer

Actress Kaley Cuoco is ready to talk animals—rescued ones, to be exact.

Among the menagerie at her ranch in Thousand Oaks, northwest of Los Angeles, are horses, donkeys, chickens, goats, cows and pigs. All are now family for the Based on a True Story star, 38, who bought the property about six years ago and built everything from the ground up, including a petting zoo and contemporary chandeliers for the vast barn.

“Obviously I rescue dogs, and everyone knows that about me, but I’ve really expanded to farm animals and even Thoroughbreds and horses off the track,” says the actress. “Really anything with four legs is welcome here. We don’t turn anyone away. It’s become this magical place.”

Having grown up around horses, Cuoco knew she needed to acclimate her 1-year-old daughter Matilda, whom she shares with her partner, actor Tom Pelphrey, 41, to animals almost immediately after she was born.

“I’ve introduced her to every single horse. She has a pony here that is waiting for her when she is big enough to ride,” says the Flight Attendant star. “But no matter if she ends up riding or not, it’s a great place for a kid to learn responsibility, having chores, taking care of the animals and seeing how they live together.”

The ranch also offers refuge for Cuoco when she needs a buffer between herself and Hollywood. “I come out here, and there’s no phone. The animals are all running up to you,” she adds. “It feels like an honor to have this space.”

The property also helped seal the deal with Cuoco and Pelphrey, who began dating in 2022. “Well, when I cyberstalked Tom and did a deep dive on his Instagram, and every photo had this big German shepherd in it, I knew there was some sort of love there for dogs,” recalls the Oh Norman! cofounder.

After the two met, Pelphrey told the actress how much he wished he could have even more animals. “He came out to visit me right when we started dating, and I was like, ‘I want to bring you to this place.’ It’s hard to describe to someone, right? He came out here, and the look on his face when he got to meet all the animals—he said, ‘I never could have imagined this.’ ”

Six dogs later, “he knew that it was going to be a big part of our life.”

May 3, 2024 Jennifer

Hi everyone! First, I want to apologize for the sporadic updates in the past 6 months. I’ve been really busy with offline responsibilities including working full-time and finishing up my Master’s thesis. I am now finished with my thesis and will have more free time to get back to updating my fan sites; thank you for hanging in there with me!

I have updated the photo gallery with 21 HQ photos of Kaley Cuoco from the NBC Universal Emmys Press Luncheon on April 23rd.

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April 27, 2024 Jennifer

Kaley Cuoco goes on a blind date with a pittie who was abandoned and introduces her to a goat!

We’re pairing celebrities and shelter dogs up for the cutest blind date in our new series Dodo Dream Date. In this episode, Kaley Cuoco spends the afternoon with adoptable pittie Peaches. Special thanks to Deity Animal Rescue and Foundation for taking such great care of Peaches!

March 15, 2024 Jennifer

Kaley Cuoco was a guest on the latest episode of “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend”. You can listen to whole episode at https://listen.teamcoco.com/ZIFKrG4n, and view some clips from the interview below!

February 6, 2024 Jennifer

Travel is important to Kaley Cuoco, and there’s one recent trip that’s close to her heart.

In behind-the-scenes footage from the actress’ new “Go to Your Happy Price” campaign for Priceline, she reflects on her “happy place.”

“I just traveled to New Jersey to see my partner’s family and it was the greatest thing ever,” she says.

Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey began dating in early 2022 and welcomed their first child together, daughter Matilda, in March 2023.

While on the Priceline shoot in Southern California, the Flight Attendant star, 38, also reflected on the joy of taking vacations with loved ones.

“You make memories,” she says. “You make family memories, or whoever you’re traveling with. It’s going on romantic vacations, you’re taking your kids places, and it should be available to everybody.”

What other destinations are on Cuoco’s wish list?

“I actually would really like to go to Japan,” she says. “I hear it’s absolutely beautiful. I hear the shopping’s amazing.”

Cuoco’s Priceline campaign, which features the actress on various scenic trips, premiered with a 15-second spot, titled “All of the Deals,” during a Jan. 20 NFL game. Another 30-second ad will run during the Grammy Awards on Feb. 4.

Source: People

February 4, 2024 Jennifer